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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Ride DuPage

Provides  subsidized  taxi  and  lift  equipped  bus  transportation  for  income  eligible  DuPage  County  residents.  Primarily  used  for  visits  to medical  facilities  and  government  offices  within  the  County limits . Lift-equipped  vehicles  are  available.


  • Any  resident  of  DuPage  County  who  has  income  at  or  below  125%  of  the  federal  poverty  guidelines,  or  a  Senior  Citizen,  or person  with  a  disability  whose  income  is  at  or  below  200%  of  the  federal  poverty  level.
  • Clients  cannot  have  their  own  transportation.
  • Clients  cannot  use  the  transportation  for  trips  outside  of  DuPage  County  without  prior  approval.
  • Ride  DuPage  will  not  transport  to  medical appointments if the client  has Medicaid.  (Public  Aid  will  pay  for  these  clients.)
  • Will  transport  all  ages.  (Minors  must  be  accompanied  by  an  adult.)
  • Transportation  is  provided  for  eligible  clients  only  if  services  are  not  available  through  PACE,  township  or  municipal  transit  programs.
  • Eligibility  may  be  revoked  for  non-payment  of  $4.00  fee,  failure  to  cancel  a  reserved  ride,  or  any  violation  of  the  program guidelines.
  • Clients  traveling  to  dialysis  appointments  are  allowed  3  round  trips  per  week.  Other  clients  are  limited  to  2  round  trips  per  week.  Clients  requiring  additional  trips  for  chemotherapy  appointments  may  be  authorized  for  up  to  5  trips  per  week  for  3  weeks  with  a  supervisor's  or  manager's  approval.
  • Clients  traveling  to  dialysis  appointments  are  not  allowed  additional  trips.
  • Clients  that  have  two  or  more  no  shows/no  loads  or  late  cancellation  of  the  cab  will  be  terminated  from  the  program.  Payment for  the  no  shows  or  late  cancellations  is  required  prior  to  reinstatement.

Eligible  Trips

  • Dialysis
  • Doctors'  appointments
  • Dentists'  appointments
  • Hospitals
  • DuPage  County  Community Services
  • DuPage  County  Health  Department  and  its  Public  Health  Centers


  • $4.00  each  way  to  DuPage  County  Community  Services
  • $4.00  each  way  to  DuPage  County  Health  Department  main  office  111  N.  County  Farm  Road,  Wheaton
  • All  other  trips  are  $1.50  for  the  first  six  (6)  miles,  then  $1.50  per  mile  over  the  six  (6)  miles  each

If  you  believe  you  qualify  please  call  630-407-6500  or  1-800-942-9412  or  email

Visit  the  Ride  DuPage  website  at

Title VI Program Notice: 

"No person in the United States shall on the ground of race, color, or national origin be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal Financial assistance."  (42 USC 2000d)