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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

County Board

DuPage Workforce Board



Name: Jamie Brown
Title: Workforce Board Coordinator
Phone: (630) 955-2033


2525 Cabot Dr., Suite 302
Lisle, IL 60523


The DuPage Workforce Board is a business-led policy and decision-making body. Workforce Boards were originally created under a 1998 federal law called the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and were reauthorized in 2014 under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), with a mandate to create a workforce development system that meets the needs of employers for qualified workers and by expanding employment opportunities for residents. The DuPage Workforce Board has become a key player in the economic growth and competitiveness of our local area and the region. In this larger role, the Workforce Board functions as a convener, an innovator, and a facilitator of strategic partnerships between the private sector, non-profit agencies, educational institutions, local elected officials, local government agencies, labor, and job training and education programs.

Meeting Schedule

Fourth Wednesday, every other month, at 7:30 a.m.  View agendas and minutes.


2 years

Appointed By

County Chairman




Membership is drawn from individuals with optimum policy-making authority from their organization and who hold executive positions. The Workforce Board looks for board members with specialized knowledge and insight into one or more of our key areas of focus, and with skills and experience in long-range planning, group problem solving, capital investment strategies, and organization / business development backgrounds.


A majority of the board must be business leaders. The remainder of the board must be comprised of key decision makers from education, economic development, community based organizations, labor unions, training and human service agencies.


Timothy Keller


29 USC 1501 ET SEQ. & HR 1385


NameFirst Date of Appt.Current Term ExpiresPosition
Dan Allen10/01/201309/30/2019Trustee
John Carpenter02/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Joseph Cassidy03/29/201709/30/2019Trustee
Tom Chesna10/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Penny Clancy07/19/201809/30/2019Trustee
Laura Crawford05/23/201409/30/2019Trustee
Dan Deasy11/01/201109/30/2019Trustee
Lisa Dixon01/01/201809/30/2019Trustee
Chris Ellerman10/01/201509/30/2019Trustee
Jossue Espinosa10/01/201409/30/2019Trustee
Galvin Giles07/17/201809/30/2019Trustee
Ian Hardie01/05/201509/30/2019Trustee
Jim Jett10/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Mary Keating 07/01/200909/30/2019Trustee
Tonia Khouri08/27/201409/30/2019Trustee
Amy King10/01/201509/30/2019Trustee
Mike Kish10/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Marilyn Liwanag 01/01/200309/30/2019Trustee
Amit Mehta10/01/201609/30/2019Trustee
Alan Mindlin10/01/201609/30/2019Trustee
Hellen Orellana03/29/201709/30/2019Trustee
Frank Riamondi10/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Diana Robinson 07/01/201109/30/2019Trustee
Tiffany Rotondo10/01/201609/30/2019Trustee
Darlene Ruscitti 01/01/200309/30/2019Trustee
Paul Seputis10/01/201709/30/2019Trustee
Barbara Szczepaniak 06/21/201009/30/2019Trustee
Christine Torres01/01/201809/30/2019Trustee
Tom Wendorf10/01/201609/30/2019Trustee
Kate Wollensak 08/01/200609/30/2019Trustee
Kathleen Yosko 01/01/200209/30/2019Trustee
Mike Zimmerman10/01/201609/30/2019Trustee
Henry Zurawski10/01/201509/30/2019Trustee

Additional Information

NOTE: Persons listed as serving on an expired term continue in their service unless and until they are either reappointed or replaced unless otherwise indicated. A position listed as “VACANT” is not currently occupied.

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