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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

How to Redeem (Pay) Sold Real Estate Taxes

Who Can Redeem?

Property owners or a party representing the owner can redeem (pay) real estate taxes that have been sold.

The Amount to Redeem:

You can view the current amount due on the County Clerk's Tax Redemption Inquiry page.

You can request an Estimate of Redemption from the County Clerk's office for a fee of $50.

Payments must be made in full.  Partial payments are not accepted and will not redeem the delinquent taxes.

Type of Payment Accepted:

Per Illinois State Statute, payments must be made payable to the DuPage County Clerk in the form of a CASHIER'S CHECK, CERTIFIED CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CASH.  Please do not send cash in the mail.

Payments must be made by 4:30 p.m. the day before the interest amount owed changes.  Interest owed on the sold taxes are based on a six-month interval from the date of sale.  Interest rates on subsequent taxes are 12% per year from the date posted.

Where to Pay?

Redemptions can be made by mail or in person at:

DuPage County Clerk
421 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Please include the PIN (Permanent Index Number) on all payments submitted.

Making a Payment On or Before the Last Day to Redeem:

In person by 4:30 p.m. at the DuPage County Clerk's office.

U.S. Mail must be postmarked the day before.

By Courier no later than 4:30 p.m. at the DuPage County Clerk's office.