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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Chancery Division - Courtroom 2011

Associate Judge Anne T. Hayes

505 N. County Farm Rd.
Wheaton, Illinois 60187  
Fax: 630-407-8815
Email -

Secretary - Agnieszka - 630-407-8738

Standing Order



  1. Use ONLY DuPage County forms unless the case does not allow for it.
  2. Fill in all of the blanks (i.e. don’t put “unknown” or “N/A”).
  3. Double check to assure all documents are signed and notarized (Petition, Affidavit of Heirship and Oath).
  4. Where called for, include the Designated Agent form and Consents/waivers from heirs.
  5. Submit all documents electronically, except the Original Bond.
  6. All Petitioners must mail an original bond to the attention of Courtroom 2011.
  7. If a Petitioner is a NOMINATED executor in the Will then, and only then, the bond may be a No Surety bond, in an amount equal to twice the value of the Personal property added to the Income from property (Remember: ALL values must be filled in on the Petition in numbers (no blanks). Also include a highlighted copy of the section of the Will which nominates the Petitioner, the highlighted section of the Will which waives surety, and the signed attestation clause. If the Petitioner is a successor executor, include a declination by any previously nominated executor, or a statement of their being deceased.
  8. ALL other individual Petitioners must mail in an original SURETY Bond, endorsed by an insurance company, equal to at least one and half times the value of the Personal property added to the Income from Property No exceptions.
  9. Banks and Trust companies must submit the Acceptance of Office form clearly stating the name and title of the officer or director who is signing the form.
  10. Bonds must be increased whenever the personal assets in the estate increase during the pendency of the case beyond the calculated bond amount.
  11. Once the Original Bond arrives, Judge Diamond will review all of the documents and you will be notified of any deficiencies or that you may submit an opening order through e-access and the case will be added to the call.  Please try to have the Opening order ready to go when you mail in the Bond so that the case can be opened expeditiously.  


  1. Use ONLY DuPage County forms unless the case does not allow for it.
  2. File all required documents electronically (Final Report, Proof of Publication and all signed receipts, and/or the 42-day notice to all Recipients/heirs). 
  3. Assure that the Final Report is notarized and that the box in the 5th paragraph from the top, related to claims, is checked, or crossed off.
  4. Prepare an attorney CLOSING AFFIDAVIT verifying that no one who took under the estate was a minor or disabled and that there are no unresolved claim issues.  If a 42-day notice was necessary, add to the affidavit that all heirs who did not sign a receipt were included in that notice.
  5. Prepare a Closing report electronically or mail the DuPage County printed discharge order to the Chancery Division after all the other documents are e-filed. 

Status Cases

  1.  If a case is on for status, is not ready to close and is less that 2 years old,  submit an order setting the case for a 1 year status date, explaining in the order  exactly what remains to be done.  Pick a date on the same day of the week 1 year hence.  (if the case is ready to close earlier, motion it up any day at 9am for close through the legal assistant and the 1-year date will then be stricken).
  2. State in the order whether proof of publication has been filed or, if not filed, that the you assure the Court that it will be filed prior to the next court date, or that more than 2 years will have passed prior to the next court date and therefore the claims period will have run.
  3. If the case is more than 2 years old, then follow the same procedure as above, however, unless the reasons for delay satisfy the Court that the Administrator/Executor has been diligent in their duties to close the estate, an earlier date will be set by the Court, and the Administrator/Executor will be ordered to appear to explain the reasons for the delay, and whether it may be necessary to remove the Administrator/Executor.
  4. Use the Action order form on e-access for all cases whenever possible, except for opening or closing an estate.
  5. If a matter is on the call for status and there is a pending cause of action in another courtroom that involves the estate, then submit an Action order continuing the case for a one year status date on the same day of the week and state the jurisdiction where the cause of action is pending and whether publication has been filed and/or whether more than 2 years has passed since the date of death.


  1. Any other matters will be set on the status call and, if an evidentiary hearing with witnesses is necessary, will be postponed until after the Courthouse resumes normal, or somewhat normal operations, where witnesses and attorneys can be present.
  2. Opposing attorneys may enter an agreed briefing schedule and set a matter for a date for setting for hearing, or a hearing date if approved through the legal assistant in Chancery and the Court. 
  3. Any time-sensitive matters will be set by appointment with the Chancery legal assistant after approval by the Court.
  4. All local rules apply to motions alleged to be emergency matters. 
  5. The Court will decide any motions without argument if the Parties have briefed the issue, or the Court finds further briefing is not necessary, and the Court finds that further argument would not assist the Court in ruling on the motion. 

Matters Heard in Courtroom 2011

  • Probate
  • Various Chancery matters

All 9:00 a.m. Motions must be scheduled through the Judge's Administrative Assistant.  Additionally, Contested Motions with a fully agreed briefing schedule and proposed order can be scheduled through the Administrative Assistant.  You may either call her or email her.  Courtesy copies of all contested motions must be provided to the Judge seven (7) days prior to the hearing.  Failure to do so may result in a rescheduling of the hearing.

Schedule for Monday - Friday
8:15 a.m.Open Probate Estates                                                    
9:00 a.m.Status - Probate, Routine Motions (first notice)
10:30 a.m. Contested Matters
1:30 p.m.       Trials, Contested Matters, Pre-Trials

Remote Court Hearings (Zoom)

Form Order

*Probate forms can be found here*