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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Doing Business with DOT - County Farm Road at Schick Road

Project Letting Details

Letting DateSectionProject
September 16, 2016
10:00 am
(IDOT Letting)

Contract No. 61D12

C.H. 43     County Farm Road
(Schick Road intersection)


  • Advertised.  August 12, 2016.


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  • Bulletin Date: Friday, August 12, 2016.
  • (Refer to Item 49)
  • Description:  
    Contract No. 61D12 DuPage County District 1
    Section 14-00179-30-SP
    FAP Route 362 (COUNTY FARM ROAD) Project HSIP-43(32)
    Reconstruct the intersection of County Farm Road at Schick Road. Pavement widening, resurfacing and traffic signal
    modernization; includes 414 cu yd earth excavation; 932 sq yd topsoil furnish and place; 932 sq yd erosion control
    blanket; 350 ft perimeter erosion barrier; 514 sq yd aggregate subgrade improvement; 375 sq yd subbase granular
    material; 316 sq yd PCC base course widening; 8,062 lb bituminous materials (tack coat); 506 ton polymerized leveling
    binder (machine method); 1,181 ton polymerized HMA surface course; 3,176 sq ft PCC sidewalk; 11,735 sq yd HMA
    surface removal; 764 ft combination curb and gutter removal; 2,223 sq ft sidewalk removal; 120 sq yd Class D patches;
    750 ft combination concrete curb and gutter; 200 cu yd non-special waste disposal; 3,750 ft short term pavement marking;
    1,238 sq ft short term pavement marking removal; 7,188 ft thermoplastic pavement marking line; 70 raised reflective
    pavement marker removal; 1,535 ft underground conduit coilable nonmetallic conduit; 2,547 ft electric cable in conduit,
    600V; 6,030 ft electric cable in conduit, signal; 4 steel combination mast arm assemblies and poles; 17 signal heads,
    LED; 1,043 ft detector loop; 301 ft emergency vehicle priority system line sensor cable; 189 recessed reflective pavement
    markers; traffic control and protection; federally funded; (A Special Provision for this contract requires insurance that
    names additional insureds). (60 Working Days) (Job No. C-91-274-15) (0-00101-1002)
    (See the Special Provisions for the DBE Percentage)


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