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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Get Trusted Voting Information From Your Election Authority

The DuPage County Clerk’s Office is urging reporters, candidates, and voters to look to the Clerk’s Office for basic information about the election. This includes nuts and bolts issues like:

  • Mail ballot applications
  • Drop box sites for mail ballots
  • Early voting sites, dates, and times
  • Election Day polling places
  • Key dates and details
  • Election results

“Foreign agents and some partisans are broadcasting and posting distorted information about the election to spread confusion and distrust,” said DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek. “For rock solid information about DuPage County elections, please come to the Clerk’s Office website or follow the Clerk’s Office on social media."

“Our website is the official source for election information in DuPage County. Other sources may intentionally spread falsehoods, or they may simply have outdated information since polling places may need to be moved.  Some procedures – even election laws – have been updated since the March primary election to address the challenge of voting in a pandemic."

“We are asking reporters and candidates to refer to to find or double-check election information," Kaczmarek said.

“We also suggest that reporters and voters follow us on Twitter (@DuPageCoClerk), Facebook (DuPage County Clerk), and YouTube (DuPage County Clerk).  We’ll be unveiling a series of weekly features to make sure people get the details they need and can pass legitimate info on to their friends and family.”

“Don’t fall for disinformation,” Kaczmarek said.  “Get the story from the official source – the DuPage County Clerk’s Office.”

Click here for a video from the County Clerk on trusted election information:

DuPage County Clerk website and social media links: