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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

HMIS (Homeless Management Information System)

HMIS Team Mission:

The mission of the HMIS Team is to provide visionary data leadership by providing an effective and usable case management tool and by collecting and analyzing client, program and system-level data to report on the extent and nature of homelessness.

Deliverables of the HMIS Team:

Provide Visionary Data Leadership

  • Outcome Tracking/Reports
  • Demographic trending
    • Self-Sufficiency matrix
    • Agency Assessment updates
  • DuPage Report Card
    • Keep up to date from HUD
    • Use Nationwide best practices
  • Build Collaboration with CoC, other HMIS implementations, County & Region
  • Meet our Agency's data needs!
  • Measure effectiveness of programs

Provide an effective Case Management Tool

  • Improve Services Provided
  • Facilitate case management & data collection
  • Allow sharing of information
  • Assessment Guidance

Collect and analyze client, program and system-level data

  • Enhance the planning process
  • Extent and nature of homelessness over time
  • Generate unduplicated aggregate reports based on the data
  • Assist in completion of Reports
  • Record and store Client level information


Contact Us

Help Desk Portal:

Call: 630-407-6397


8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.