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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

How Does A Veteran Meet Eligibility Requirements?

Eligibility for assistance to veterans and their families is based upon service in the armed forces of the United States and the presentation of an Honorable Discharge (Under Honorable Conditions may be eligible on a case by case basis) and active duty of at least 180 days. National Guard duty must be "Federalized". The Veteran must also be a resident of DuPage County.

To receive VAC benefits of financial assistance, all applicants shall first verify their eligibility by submitting requested information and documentation. Veterans with little or no income should also apply for assistance at their local township. Township assistance has no relationship to VAC assistance.

In the event unusual or unmanageable financial circumstances exist with you, give us a call at (630) 407-5655. We will provide you with a confidential appointment and make every effort to ease your burden.