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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Home Detention


The home detention program may be ordered by the Court for juveniles residing in DuPage County that have been charged with a criminal offense or have an active juvenile delinquency petition pending in court.  Juveniles placed on home detention are electronically monitored and are only allowed to leave their residence for school, work, counseling, or pre-approved activity with a parent/guardian.  They can be ordered to the program as part of a pre-trial condition or as a condition of sentence.

The program’s objectives are to offer the Court an alternative to secure detention at a juvenile detention facility, offer the juvenile an opportunity to remain in the community to attend school, counseling, and/or employment, and to offer the community an added degree of safety and security through electronic monitoring and frequent contact with juveniles in the community.  Violations of the program may result in immediate secure detention.