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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Subsequent Tax (Sub-Tax) Payment Information

Pursuant to Illinois Compiled Statutes (Ch. 200/21-355), tax buyers may pay subsequent years’ unpaid 2020 taxes (sub-tax) on any parcels they have purchased at a previous DuPage County tax sale and add the tax amount to their sale certificate. Statutorily, we may only accept sub-tax payments (1) after the second installment becomes delinquent or (2) after the holder of the certificate of purchase has filed a petition for tax deed with the Court.  The first date sub-tax payments will be accepted is September 8, 2021, no later than 3 p.m.  If filing a petition for tax deed, the first date sub-tax payments will be accepted is May 12, 2021.

This office will not produce subsequent tax bills. It is now the responsibility of the tax buyer to print copies of the bill. The cost to have this office produce copies of the bill will be $5.00 per bill. You can print copies of the bill via the Property Info portal. Please note the indemnity fee will not be listed on the bill. The $20.00 indemnity fee is required to be added to each property index number being paid.

It is the tax buyer’s responsibility to check for current tax payments and check for prior year redemptions on each property index number before submitting a sub-tax payment. Select and total the bills you wish to pay. Submit the bills with your check. A separate check will be required for each buyer code. It is the responsibility of the tax buyer to insure the sub-tax payment is posted by the DuPage County Clerk's office. Please contact the Clerk's office at 630-407-5500 for more information. A sub-tax payment will be refunded if it duplicates a prior payment, including another tax buyer’s sub-tax payment. Date and time of receipt will always determine the priority of sub-tax payments.

The date that your sub-tax payment is received in our office will be used for computing penalty. On the first of each month, additional penalty of 1.5% per installment must be added to your payment. Sub-tax payments made after October 29, 2021 will require a cashier's check, money order or cash.

Application for judgment is Tuesday, November 16, 2021. The 2020 Tax Sale begins Thursday, November 18, 2021. If you have questions regarding the tax sale, please call our office at 630-407-5900.