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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Transparency Portal

The County Auditor's Office has concentrated its efforts to bring greater transparency to DuPage County. In November 2012, an outside entity awarded DuPage County with an "A-" rating for the website transparency score.  The Illinois Policy Institute has also given DuPage County a high mark for transparency. 

To expand on that effort the Office has provided this portal which provides links to various points for County information.

Office of the County Auditor

  • Checkbook Online - County Expenditures  - An interactive database of the County's expenditures dating back to December 1, 2003.
  • Monthly Expenditure Reports - The Monthly Expenditure Reports are published in PDF format and updated monthly. 
  • Quarterly Financial Reports   - As mandated by law, the County Auditor reports on the County's finances every fiscal quarter.
  • Internal Audit Reports   - Published audit reports performed by the County Auditor's Office.
  • General Fund Financial Data   - An easy to understand report on the revenue and expenditures of the County's main operating fund, updated monthly.
  • Property Tax Levy and Tax Rates - The DuPage County property tax levy and property tax rate per $100 equalized assessed valuation, from 2015 to 2019.
  • Bargaining Unit Contracts -
    • Metropolitan Alliance of Police Chapter 174-Coroner - (All employees holding position of Deputy Coroner)
    • Metropolitan Alliance of Police Chapter 126-Sheriff  - (All Deputy Sheriffs below the rank of Sergeant in the Sheriff's Administrative Bureau, Law Enforcement Bureau, Fugitive Apprehension Unit within the Corrections Bureau, School Liaison Unit, Gang Suppression/Problem Investigation Unit, DuPage County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (DuMEG) Consortium, Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement (BATTLE) Consortium and Court Security Officers, as provided in 55 ILCS 5/3-6012.1)
    • Policeman's Benevolent Labor Committee Local 501-Sheriff - (All Deputy Sheriffs below the rank of Sergeant jointly employed by the Sheriff of DuPage and the County of DuPage in positions in the DuPage County Jail, the Sheriff's Work Alternative Program, the Periodic Imprisonment Unit, the Corrections Transport Unit, and the Receiving and Discharge (R & D) Unit)
    • Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council-Sheriff - (All full-time employees of the County of DuPage and Sheriff of DuPage County in the following titles:  Radio Dispatcher; Radio Communications Supervisor)
    • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399-Public Works/Facilities Management - (Full-time employees in the following classifications:  Maintenance Technician; Senior Maintenance Technician; Stationary Engineer; Building Automation Systems Technician; Stationary Engineer - PM Lead; Electrician Technician; Electrician; Senior Electrician; Plumber; Senior Plumber; Waste Water Facility Operator; Senior Waste Water Facility Operator; Water Facility Operator)
    • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150-Division of Transportation - (All persons employed full-time and regular part-time in DOT in the following classifications:  Highway Maintenance Supervisor; Grounds Maintenance Supervisor; Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor) 
    • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150-Division of Transportation - (All persons employed full-time or regular part-time in DOT in the following job titles or classifications:  Heavy Equipment Crew Leader; Equipment Operator I; Equipment Operator II; Vehicle Maintenance Crew Leader; Heavy Equipment Mechanic; Automotive Mechanic; Laborer; Grounds Crew Leader; Senior Grounds Maintenance Worker; Grounds Maintenance Worker) 
    • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150-Public Works - (all persons employed full-time in Public Works in the following classifications:  Wastewater Maintenance Worker; Senior Wastewater Maintenance Worker; Utility Inspector; Wastewater Maintenance Crew Leader; Auto Mechanic; Lead Heavy Equipment Mechanic; Laborer; Senior Meter Reader/Installer; Meter Reader/Installer; Equipment Operator; and, Principal Meter Reader)
    • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3328-Probation (the bargaining unit consists of all employees in the following regular full-time and part-time positions:  Senior Probation Officer; Intensive Probation Officer; Probation Officer; Senior Detention Officer; Juvenile Detention Officer; Drug Court Case Manager; Juvenile Justice Clinician; and Senior Juvenile Justice Clinician)

Office of the County Board

  • County Code   - The DuPage County Code of Ordinances.
  • Agendas and minutes   -  This webpage includes agendas, packet materials and minutes of the meetings held by the County Board and subcommittees.  The site also includes links to video for recorded meetings.
  • County Policies- This webpage includes a listing of policies approved by the County Board.  
  • DuPage County Lobbyists   - A listing of lobbyists and their respective contracts used by the DuPage County Board from 2007 to current.  The listing does not include lobbyists contracted by elected officials.

Office of the County Clerk

Office of the County Treasurer

Finance Department

Procurement Division

Human Resources Department

Veterans Assistance Commission

Pursuant to Illinois Statute 330 ILCS 45/8, the Veterans Assistance Commission of DuPage (VAC) submits a report each year to the Governor of Illinois.  The reports for 2015-2019 are included below.

General Information