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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois



Finance Department

The DuPage County Finance Department utilizes prudent, professionally recognized management practices to protect the financial condition of the County. Finance is responsible for development of the County’s annual operations and capital budget, including the budget document and applicable ordinances and resolutions. Finance provides recommendations regarding budgetary and financial policies and administers those policies within its area of responsibility. The Department helps ensure budget compliance through financial reporting, monitoring, internal controls, and cash flow management.

The Finance Department is responsible for preparation and issuance of the County’s annual financial audit. Finance ensures compliance with all County bonded debt requirements and payment of such debt. It provides analyses and recommendations for the issuance of new bonded debt or refinancing of debt. The Department also provides financial compliance reporting for most grants received by the County. The Department provides project cost analyses and studies for cost effective utilization of County financial resources. The County’s centralized accounts payable unit and procurement unit are under Finance.

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Proposed Budget

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Finance Department
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